Meet the Auxilia team.

geoffrey Busch auxilia-image

Geoffrey Busch


As a Management Geoffrey has over 38  years working experience in mutli-faceted mechanical engineering disciplines, and building & construction.

Highly qualified in the mechanical engineering sector, specializing in design, manufacture and production of various tooling types and components to various industry, and also has vast experience in international commissioning, to final hand-over of projects.

Other areas of engagement are in the built environment sector, project manage, appointing and managing contractors in various disciplines, setting up and overseeing legislative and regulatory statutory requirements, supply chain management, maintenance planning, project feasibility and implementation.

Focused areas are;

• Precision Mechanical engineering
Infrastructure & Engineering within built environment
• International Trade


Bonnie Parrott


Bonnie’s experience spans  23 years in Sales and Marketing, of which the latter 10 years was dedicated to New Business Development, as a key area of expertise. She has successfully researched, identified and targeted different sectors of the market, and in such, added value to many businesses. Her market portfolio includes, Maritime, Airlines, The Blue Train and Hospitality.

Part of her expertise also includes HR Management  which have been formalised and utilised in many areas of her work profile, especially within Provincial Parliament, given her experience of working in Legislature and having hands-on knowledge of governmental processes.

Paired with this experience, comes a tried and tested resolve in diligence, a highly commended work ethic and an unquestionable reputation for successful completion of project-based ventures.

jonathan madell-auxilia-team

Jonathan Madell


Jonathan’s  experience spans over 35 years in the Plumbing and water management sector. During this time he has managed a diverse portfolio of plumbing which includes commercial, industrial and domestic plumbing.

He has vast experience in various technical fields, which has given rise to opportunities such as managing large scale national projects, such as aqua farming installations.

His willingness and diligence have allowed him to branch out into new industries such as building renovations, in which he manages and supervises sites.

With his technical knowledge, comes an infectious personality and ability to build long lasting business relationships, making him a valuable asset to any project-based team.

carlyle robertson auxilia-image

Carlyle Robertson


Carlyle is the youngest member of the team. HIs experiences spans over 12 years in the Creative sphere. The nature of Auxilia’s projects requires creative problem solving  which he possesses in abundance.

He specilazes in Digital Marketing as well as all disciplines encompassed i.e. Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media, Print Production and Strategic Brand Development.

His agency experience  allows him to manage the entire creative process from concept through to completion. This is vital in for the efficiency of new business development. With the ever evolving trends in creative field, it is of utmost importance to stay ahead of the curve, therefore market and trend research is required on an ongonig basis.

Often referred to as a man of few words, but ever present in the heart of the engine room, makes him an invaluable asset to any team.